Tressa Camidge - Principal

Star Norton - Assistant Principal

Jessica McPherson - Secretary

Tabitha Tilley - 

Rebecca Hash - Nurse

Renee Morgan - Nurse

Sheree Thomas - Guidance

Christina Comer - Library, Tech Rep, and School Webmaster

Stuart Jamison - Physical Education

Anita Hairston - Computer Lab Manager

Glenda Dodson - Art

Robin Lavinder - Music


Brenda Weeks - Instructional Coach

Michele Sizemore - Student Intervention Specialist

Ruth Mattox - PALS Reading Tutor

 Special Education

Tracy Clifton - Teacher 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Christine Bailey - Teacher K, 4th, 5th

Clendenin - Speech

Lisa Wray - Speech

JoEllen Crawford - SPED Coordinator
 ESL (English as a Second Language)

Monica Costine

ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher)

Kevin Ferguson

Family Liaison Counselor

Cameron Mitchell

Family Preservation

Ashley Zahner

Dominion Services Counselor

Diane Crockett

Autism Specialist

Shari Caston


Charlotte Lorton - Teacher

Danielle Johns - Teacher

Jeanine Henson - Teacher

Suzanne Wyatt - Paraprofessional

Kristin Shively - Paraprofessional


Olivia Flournoy - Teacher

Janemarie Laucella - Teacher

Sharon Ritter - Teacher

Debbie Lynn - Paraprofessional

 First Grade

Teresa Aurnou - Teacher

Terri Easley - Teacher

Carmella Stevenson - Teacher

Debbie Altice - Paraprofessional

Stephanie Lovelace - Paraprofessional

 Second Grade

Miranda Reeder - Teacher

Samantha Brown - Teacher

Kelly Dunbar - Teacher

Alexa Wilson - Teacher

Tonia Wright - Paraprofessional

 Third Grade

Lizzie Kanode - Teacher

Carla Cooper - Teacher

Cindy Wooldridge - Teacher

Marta Tolliver - Paraprofessional

Rose Weaver-Remediation Tutor

 Fourth Grade

Clancy Fry - Teacher

Beth Hodges - Teacher

Emily Maddy - Teacher

Erika Barlow - Teacher

Tammy Hall - Paraprofessional

Rochelle Callahan - Tutor
 Fifth Grade

Aimee Porterfield - Teacher

Whitney Enquist - Teacher

Mary Furrow - Teacher

Michelle White - Paraprofessional

 Early Childhood Special Education

Janice Atkinson - Teacher

Crystal Jones - Teacher

Catherine Smallwood - Teacher

Tina Jones - Paraprofessional

Bertha McEnheimer - Paraprofessional

Tamara Scott - Paraprofessional

Sherry Richardson - Paraprofessional

 Building and Grounds

Walter Meadows - Head Custodian

Susan Mason

Nora Poindexter

Barry Altice

Bobby Seay

Nicole Bernard


Sue Holbrook - Manager

Cindy Whitlow

Patsy Kasey

Peggy Dalton

Peggy Dudley

Jean Holland - Cafeteria Monitor